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Interactive Experience for Artists

Sketchbox is an interactive virtual reality experience that has been created especially for artists and designers. Users have a wide range of different types of tools at their disposal and are encouraged to use this tools in various ways to create impressive works of art.

Time to Get Sketching

People who have basic ideas that they want to see in a new way simply need to sketch out those ideas and the programme will do the rest. This is a great way for people who need to create storyboards for certain types of projects to actually see their projects in a type of completed state so that they can see fairly early on if their idea is likely to work or not.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Anyone who has a strong artistic streak and plenty of imagination is sure to have a lot of fun using Sketchbox. While the experience is fairly good at interpreting intentions and helping to transform them, people who find it difficult to draw out their ideas in the first place may find it tough to get started. However, this is a great way to hone certain types of skills and create projects that are sure to impress all who see them.


  • New way to create art
  • Huge collection of tools available


  • Only as good as the person using it
  • No button mapping feature included

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Sketchbox varies-with-device for Windows

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