SketchBox 1.4

Manage your sticky notes


  • Setting alarm with mouse roll
  • Writing and sketching on notes
  • Previewing and storing stickies


  • Alarm-setting confusing at first


Sticky notes programs, they're all more or less the same, right? I mean what's so special in a sticky note? All you need it for is to scribble things here and there after all.

That's why I wasn't so thrilled to try out this new program, SketchBox, which lets you create and manage sticky notes. Yet I have to admit I have impressed at the way the program worked, and it almost made me want to start using sticky notes again.

Sticky notes created with Sketchbox include three tabs, for writing, sketching and setting an alarm. You can use different pens, fonts and colors and take a screenshot of your note. Setting an alarm is a little confusing at first but works really well: with three columns for days, minutes and seconds, you just need to use your mouse roll to select the number you want.

SketchBox also includes a manager interface through which you can preview and search your notes and organize them into folders.

SketchBox actually makes creating and managing sticky notes fun. Who would have thought?

SketchBox is a new – multifunctional yet uncluttered – Sticky Notes Manager for your Mac Desktop.

You can enter text or make drawings and set individual reminders for each sticky to use them as a visual alarm clock.

Arrange all your notes in the thumbnail view, create little storyboards or comics – or just store your daily thoughts as searchable text.

Each Sticky consists of three layers: The drawing canvas, a little text editor and an intuitive alarm timer that combines the best of analog and digital clocks. While editing text you can still see your drawing in the semitransparent background and vice-versa.

You can select the active layer by clicking on one of the tabs at the right side of the note. Each Sticky remembers its active layer, so that you can continue where you left after closing the Sticky's window. You can also set a default layer for new Stickies in the preferences.



SketchBox 1.4

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